Seller item option on Pillyrig

Pillyrig refers customers to your items. Showing up your items on the Pillyrig platform to users with a taste for what’s trending on the internet can help you grow awareness of your brand and reach unique shoppers searching for trending items like yours.

With Pillyrig seller item option, you can get a detailed report via email on how your items are performing every month and also tutorials on how to get more customers to your item page. Your items are displayed always at visible locations on the Pillyrig platform and accessible from the category you choose during your item registration.

Pillyrig seller item option promotes the individual items you sell on Pillyrig. You choose which item to show up and add some keywords. When a shopper searches for one or more of your targets, your item is eligible for display. When shoppers click your item, they are taken to the detail page of the item.


Add an item

The following information is needed to add your item on the platform;

* Choose a Category for your items. View our category listing below.
* Image of the item to be displayed on Pillyrig (3 images)
* Item description (Minimum of 40 characters)
* Add 3 keywords
* Pricing of the item (Your prices must be fare and affordable by anyone) See our Mission
* Item description (500 characters/words or less)

Personal Information

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number
  • Valid ID card
  • Company information: Name of company, started date, team members
  • Bank Details for Payment: Account name, Bank name, Bank branch

Note you may be asked to provide any information in the future concerning your use of the seller service on Pillyrig. Ensure that this information is being forwarded to the right email:

In order to create an item, submit the above information along with a clear image of your item to we will review the items you added in 24 hours. Our agents will contact you for any information.


Payment and Delivery

When a customer purchases your item(s) on Pillyrig you will get notified via your registered email with the necessary information of your customer. You are responsible for the waybill/delivery of your items as we will email you all the necessary information of the customer who just bought your item.

Pillyrig holds the payment until the item has been marked as received by the customer.
Payment is released to you 2 days after the item is received by the shopper. You can access all your orders by sending an email with your registered email address to

Note that Pillyrig charge a 5% purchase fee for any seller items purchased on the platform.



Your keywords (word combinations and phrases) are used to match your items with search terms that shoppers are using to find other items on the web. You can see some popular search terms on Pillyrig when you visit the home page. Pillyrig matches your keywords to a customer’s search terms to display the item you put up for sale.


  1. Beauty & Personal Care
  2. Fashion and Clothing
  3. Home & Kitchen
  4. Pet Supplies
  5. Gadgets
  6. Mobile Phones & Laptops



The seller item option serve both on desktop and mobile browsers. When customers click your item, they are taken to the item’s detail page. To participate in seller Item option you must meet certain eligibility requirements below.